Rail Yard Works

is a one-man dev studio, and we build all sorts of web & mobile apps, sites, and services.

What is a one-man studio?

This means that I am the only full-time employee of this company. Always. Who am I? My name is Nikita, I'm a software developer and you can read more about me on my personal site 👉

Even though I'm the only full-time employee, this doesn't mean that I work alone. I have friends from all over the world with all kinds of backgrounds: UX/UI design, DevOps, front-end, back-end, marketing, and project management. So when I or my clients need extra help, e.g. niche expertise or extra pair of hands to meet their deadlines, I bring them on board on a freelance basis.

With that in mind, there are 3 ways we can work together.

How we can work together

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Just Niki

You get just me. I become a part of your team, I get access to your resources and I work on achieving your goals together with you. Simple.

variant ii

Niki + Friends

This is when you need more than one person to complete the work. In this scenario, I introduce you to my friends who I've worked with before, and you decide who better fits your team. Full transparency. Open communication.

variant iii

Niki & Co.

This is for cases when you want to focus on more important pieces of work, and do not want to handle anything technology related. So I can have a full ownership of your digital solution, and handle all the design, dev, and hosting aspects of it under your supervision. You only see the results and not bothered by the implementation details.

Our projects

Things that I've built or helped to build

CSV Studio

Creating a front-end with Vue.js for a greenfield POC project, a browser based visual debugging tool for CSV files which contain parsing errors and other irregularities.


A Telegram payment bot for accepting payments for digital products. Made with python.


A sales site for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting company. Made with Gatsby.js.


A variety of products, including the main platform for a BOPA service for online stores and D2C brands to manage their order deliveries. Used Gatsby.js, Next.js, Google Maps JS API, and Preact.


An online catalog and order placing service for a patisserie chef to sell her custom deserts. Made with Gridsome.js and

Visualist app

A platform and a Chrome extension for designers to create and share moodboards. We've used React.js and Chrome Extensions API.

Calvin Klein

Rebuilding the company's main e-commerce site as a part of the WTC and PVH team with Next.js and headless IBM WebSphere Commerce.

Ably Docs

Building a brand new API documentation site for Ably, the edge messaging platform. Made with Gatsby.js and textile-js.


A Web3 app for invoicing in Ethereum. Made with Next.js, Ether.js and supabase.

Evido One

A platform to manage social media ads, incl. Facebook, TikTok, Telegram, and VK. Done with React on the front and python and django on the back-end.

Need some help with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

Check out our mates! I'm a part of the team 👇

Get in touch

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